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Picture this: me, a travel-loving mom, and my child, aboard the cutest train ever the Hello Kitty Shinkansen, speeding off to Himeji. Yes, you heard that right—Hello Kitty-themed everything! From the pink decor to the cute seats, it felt like stepping into my child’s dream world. The giggles, the snacks, and the endless photo ops made this journey one for the books. Join me as I share our delightful, laughter-filled ride to the historic Himeji Castle. Spoiler: it was as magical as it sounds! Hello kitty Shinkansen: The cutest train ever 

I looked online to find out what time the train would leave from Shin-Osaka. I kept this little adventure a secret from my daughter until we were standing on the platform. Then, I told her to grab her camera and get ready to film because a pink train was about to arrive. She looked at me, puzzled, and said, “What do you mean, a pink train?” I said, “It’s a Hello Kitty train,” and she was like, “I don’t understand, lol.” 

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But then, the train arrived. Why did I feel like a kid all over again? Seriously, though, so many people were filming—even grown men. This is truly unique. Back home, we only have boring trains that are cleaned once a day. 

 Oh, that’s another thing I love about Japan. When the train arrived, all the cleaners were waiting for the passengers to disembark. Then, they went into every wagon, cleaned the train thoroughly, and only then were we allowed to board. 

Of course, our first stop was exploring the first wagon, which was, predictably, filled to the brim with Hello Kitty merchandise. But here’s the catch: cash only! Good thing we were prepared, because we ended up taking a bunch of photos and picking out a few souvenirs to remember this unique experience. 

And let me tell you about the restroom—it was also pink! It’s not every day you get to use a Hello Kitty-themed restroom on a train. Talk about a memorable pit stop! 

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Ah, and I can’t forget to mention the little details that made this train ride even more special. Not only was the merchandise in the first wagon Hello Kitty-themed, but the seat covers and even the sun curtains were adorned with Hello Kitty too! It was like being enveloped in a bubble of pink cuteness for the entire journey. Who knew a train ride could be so adorable? 

Well, fear not! Only the first three wagons were decked out in Hello Kitty glory. I guess not everyone wants to ride in a pink paradise all the time, right? After indulging in our dose of cuteness overload, we ventured back to the other wagons, where things were, well, a bit more “normal.” But hey, it’s all about balance, right? 

After our Hello Kitty escapade, we disembarked at Himeji and set off on foot toward what’s often hailed as the most beautiful castle in Japan—and let me tell you, it did not disappoint (not just my words)! the outside is beautiful. the inside is kinda boring ,anyway We spent the a few hours exploring the castle’s intricacies inside and strolling through its picturesque gardens. 

Himeji Castle, nicknamed the “White Heron Castle,” is like something out of a japanese fairy tale. With its gleaming white walls and intricate design, it’s truly a sight to behold. Walking through the castle felt like stepping back in time, with each room telling its own story.

As I explored, I couldn’t help but feel amazed by the craftsmanship and history that surrounded me. Climbing to the top floor, I was greeted by sweeping views of the city, which took my breath away.

Afterward, I wandered through the castle’s gardens, where peace and tranquility filled the air. It was the perfect place to unwind and soak in the beauty of Japan’s natural landscapes.

Overall, my visit to Himeji Castle was a amazing experience that I’ll always treasure. It’s a must-see for anyone visiting Japan!

But as the day drew to a close, it was time to say farewell to Himeji and head back to Osaka. There, we retrieved our suitcases and made our way to our final hotel at Kansai Airport, knowing that our Japanese adventure was coming to an end. But hey, we were leaving with memories that would last a lifetime. 

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