Pictures are from Wondr Experience

  • Upside Down: This museum offers a unique twist on the traditional museum experience by turning everything upside down. Visitors can explore various rooms and installations designed to challenge perceptions and capture stunning photos from unconventional angles.
  • Wondr experience : Wondr is a vibrant and colorful Instagram museum filled with immersive installations and interactive exhibits. It’s a playground for creativity, where visitors can dive into a world of whimsy and wonder, perfect for snapping eye-catching photos for social media.


  • Yoseum: Yoseum combines art, technology, and playfulness to create an Instagrammable wonderland. Visitors can explore a series of themed rooms, each offering a different aesthetic and experience, making it an ideal spot for capturing memorable moments.
  • NXT Museum: NXT Museum is an innovative space that showcases digital art and immersive installations. From interactive projections to virtual reality experiences, it offers a futuristic backdrop for capturing striking images that are sure to stand out on Instagram.
  • Street Art Museum: This museum celebrates the vibrant street art scene in Amsterdam. Visitors can wander through urban landscapes adorned with colorful murals and graffiti, providing plenty of opportunities to capture edgy and dynamic photos for social media.
  • Our House Museum: Our House Museum offers a glimpse into the lives of Amsterdam’s residents through a series of immersive exhibits set up in a typical Dutch house. With its cozy atmosphere and nostalgic charm, it’s the perfect place to snap cozy and homey shots for Instagram.
  • Amaze: Amaze is an Instagram museum dedicated to optical illusions and mind-bending visual tricks. From rooms that seem to defy gravity to installations that play with perception, it’s a playground for those looking to capture surreal and mesmerizing images.

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