When I planned my trip to Japan, I knew I wanted to experience everything I had loved as a
child. Traveling with my own 7-year-old daughter, Sienna, I was eager to share these
magical moments with her. One of the must-visit spots on our list was a theme restaurant,
and we managed to book a table at the highly coveted Kirby Café. This reservation was
even harder to secure than the one for the Pokémon Café, so I enlisted the help of a friend
in Japan to book it for me.


I told Sienna about our plans to visit the Kirby Café, but her initial reaction was quite
indifferent. She simply said, “Oh, okay.” She had no idea what awaited her. However, when
we finally arrived, her eyes lit up with excitement. “Ooh, Mom, look! It’s a Kirby Café! So
cool,” she exclaimed. Her joy was contagious, and I felt a rush of nostalgia and happiness.


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Since we arrived early, we decided to explore the nearby Skytree first. The view from the top
was breathtaking, and it was a great way to pass the time before our 6:00 PM reservation at
the café.


When the time finally came to enter the Kirby Café, Sienna was practically bouncing with
excitement. The staff welcomed us warmly, and we were immediately struck by the
whimsical decor. A huge tree stood in the middle of the café, creating a fantastical
atmosphere. There were plenty of photo spots, and Sienna had brought her own Kirby
stuffed animal to pose with for pictures.


We settled in and looked through the menu. Sienna opted for the Kirby Burger Menu, which
came with an adorable Kirby-shaped bun. I decided to try the fries and Waddle Dee’s
Hand-Kneaded Piccola. The food was not only delicious but also beautifully presented,
adding to the magical experience.

The cute Kirby dessert was alright; it didn’t contain much sugar. This aligns with the common perception that Japanese people are keen on maintaining a slim figure, often resulting in their sweets being less sugary.

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Throughout our meal, the staff remained attentive and friendly, enhancing our visit with their
cheerful demeanor. Sienna’s joy and excitement made the experience even more special. It
was a day filled with laughter, wonder, and a touch of nostalgia, reminding me of my own
childhood while creating new memories with my daughter.
Our visit to the Kirby Café was a highlight of our trip to Japan. It was more than just a meal; it
was an adventure that brought us closer together and allowed us to share in the delight of a
beloved character. If you’re planning a trip to Japan with your child, I highly recommend
adding the Kirby Café to your itinerary. It’s an enchanting experience that both adults and
children will cherish

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To make a reservation at the Kirby Café in Tokyo, keep in mind that reservations open on the 10th of every month.

Be Prompt: Reservations fill up quickly, so try to book as soon as they open

The Kirby Café is located in Tokyo, Japan, within the Tokyo Solamachi shopping complex,
which is adjacent to the Tokyo Skytree. Here is the address:

Kirby Café Tokyo
Tokyo Solamachi, East Yard 4F
1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida City, Tokyo 131-0045, Japan

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