Kuma chan Onsen: The cutest restaurant

Visiting Tokyo is always a delightful adventure, and this time, I discovered a gem that
perfectly blends cuteness and culinary delight—Kumachan Restaurant. Nestled in the
bustling heart of Shibuya, Kumachan is not just a hotpot restaurant; it’s a whimsical
journey into a world where bears reign supreme.

Arrival and Ambience
Located near the iconic Shibuya Crossing, Kumachan Restaurant is incredibly easy to
find. Just a short walk from the crossing, the restaurant’s exterior stands out with its
inviting signage featuring a cute bear logo. The moment I stepped into Kumachan, I
was enveloped by a charming, playful atmosphere. The decor is inspired by all things
bear, with adorable bear-themed artwork, plush bear toys, and even bear-shaped
lights illuminating the cozy space. The friendly staff, dressed in cute bear-themed
aprons, greeted me warmly and showed me to my table.


The Bear Hotpot Experience
What sets Kumachan apart is its signature dish—the bear hotpot. As I settled in, a
waiter brought a bubbling pot of broth to my table, accompanied by an array of fresh
ingredients beautifully arranged on a platter. The star of the show, however, was the
bear-shaped mound of tofu nestled in the center of the pot. It was almost too cute to

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Choosing Your Soup Base
Kumachan offers a variety of soup bases to suit different palates. Here are some of the
1. Shoyu (Soy Sauce) Broth: A classic Japanese choice, rich and savory with a deep umami
2. Miso Broth: Comforting and slightly sweet, made with fermented soybean paste.
3. Spicy Kimchi Broth: For those who enjoy a kick of heat, this Korean-inspired broth adds a
tangy and spicy twist.
4. Seaweed and Salt Broth: A lighter option, delicate and fragrant, highlighting the natural
flavors of the seaweed.
5. Tom Yum Broth: A fusion option bringing a taste of Thailand, with its hot and sour profile
infused with lemongrass and lime leaves.
Selecting Your Meats
Kumachan’s menu boasts a variety of meats to enhance your hotpot experience. Here are
some popular choices:
1. Thinly Sliced Beef: Tender and flavorful, perfect for quick cooking in the hot broth.
2. Pork Belly: Rich and succulent, adding a hearty touch to your meal.
3. Chicken Thigh: Juicy and versatile, absorbing the flavors of the broth beautifully.
4. Lamb: A slightly gamey option for those who enjoy a distinctive taste.
5. Assorted Seafood: Including shrimp, scallops, and squid, for a delightful marine twist.
Exploring the Condiment Bar
One of the highlights at Kumachan is the condiment bar, where you can customize your
hotpot to your heart’s content. Here are some of the options available:
1. Freshly Chopped Green Onions: Adding a fresh, crisp bite to each spoonful.
2. Garlic Paste: For those who love a robust, aromatic flavor.
3. Chili Oil and Paste: To kick up the heat and spice up your broth.
4. Sesame Sauce: A creamy, nutty addition that pairs wonderfully with meats.
5. Ponzu Sauce: A citrusy soy sauce-based condiment, adding a zesty note.
6. Pickled Vegetables: Offering a tangy crunch to complement the soft textures of the hotpot.

Preparing the Hotpot
Following the waiter’s instructions, I gently placed the ingredients into the pot.
Watching the bear tofu gradually melt into the savory broth was a surprisingly
enchanting experience. The pot was filled with a medley of vegetables, mushrooms,
thinly sliced meats, and noodles, creating a colorful and appetizing display.
Taste and Delight
As the ingredients cooked, the aroma wafting from the pot was irresistible. Each bite
was a testament to the freshness and quality of the ingredients. The broth, enriched
with the essence of the tofu bear, was flavorful and comforting. The vegetables
retained their crispness, the meats were tender, and the noodles perfectly absorbed
the rich flavors of the broth.

kumachan shibuya05

A Memorable Dessert
To conclude this delightful meal, I indulged in one of Kumachan’s signature
desserts—a bear-shaped mochi filled with sweet red bean paste. It was the perfect
sweet note to end the meal, leaving me both satisfied and charmed by the overall
Final Thoughts
Kumachan Restaurant is more than just a place to eat; it’s an experience that delights
all the senses. The combination of cute bear-themed aesthetics, attentive service, and
delicious food makes it a must-visit for anyone in Tokyo. Whether you’re a food lover,
a fan of cute culture, or just looking for a unique dining experience, Kumachan is sure
to leave you with fond memories and a happy heart. So, next time you’re near Shibuya
Crossing, make sure to stop by Kumachan for an unforgettable bear hotpot


Address: 2-29-13 Dogenzaka, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0043, Japan
This location is conveniently near the famous Shibuya Crossing, making it easy to find and
accessible for anyone exploring the area. Enjoy your visit!

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