My Japanese Fanta Adventure

Before I left for Japan, my friend insisted that I try Japanese Fanta Melon while I was there. I was
skeptical. I’ve never been a fan of Fanta, so I didn’t think it would be worth it. But one
evening, while exploring the area around my hotel, I stopped by a 7-Eleven across the
street. There, among the familiar drinks, was a bottle of Fanta Melon. I figured, why not give
it a shot?

From the first sip, I was hooked. The refreshing, unique flavor was unlike any soda I’d ever
tasted before. It was a perfect blend of sweet and tangy, with a delightful melon essence. I
ended up ordering Fanta Melon everywhere I went in Tokyo, savoring its distinctive taste at
every opportunity. It became my go-to drink during my stay in the city.

However, my journey took me to Kyoto, and to my disappointment, I could no longer find
Fanta Melon. Instead, the convenience stores and vending machines were stocked with
Fanta Grape. Initially, I hesitated to try it. The flavor reminded me of cassis, which I
absolutely despise. But I was in Japan, a land of culinary adventures, so I decided to give it
a chance.

Surprisingly, I loved it. While it didn’t surpass my affection for Fanta Melon, Fanta Grape had
a delicious and refreshing flavor that quickly grew on me. I found myself enjoying it
throughout my stay in Kyoto, even if it wasn’t my first choice.
Next, I traveled to Osaka, hopeful that Fanta Melon would make a comeback. But once
again, it was nowhere to be found. Instead, I discovered Fanta Gold at a restaurant.
Intrigued, I tried it and instantly fell in love. Its taste was strikingly similar to one of my
favorite Surinamese sodas, Fernandes Orange. Fanta Gold had a unique, citrusy flavor that
was both familiar and exciting.

As my trip was winding down, I regretted not planning ahead to ship some of these delicious
Fanta flavors back home. It was a missed opportunity that I knew I’d regret until my next
visit to Japan. The unique and varied Fanta flavors I experienced in Japan were a refreshing
change from the overly sweet orange flavor commonly available back home. Each one had
its own charm and left me wishing for their availability in my country.
Until next year, Fanta. Here’s hoping we can start importing these incredible flavors soon,
because they are far superior to the overly sugared orange variant.

You can find these variant mostly at theme parks or restaurants or some Konbinies


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