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Pokemon center Kyoto

When I was planning my trip to Tokyo, I really wanted to visit the Pokémon center and the Pokémon Café. However, researching their locations turned out to be quite confusing. I initially thought the Pokémon Café was in Shibuya, along with the Pokémon Center DX. It took some digging to figure out where everything actually was, and I wished there had been a clear guide to help me out. So, I decided to create a blog post to share my experience and help others find these fun spots without the hassle.

I was really excited to visit the Pokémon Café in Tokyo, but finding the exact location was a bit tricky. It turns out the Pokémon Café is actually a 10-minute walk from Tokyo Station. Right next to the café, there’s a Pokémon Store where you can shop for all kinds of Pokémon merchandise. You can easily visit the store without any reservations, but the café is a different story. It’s reservation-only and notoriously difficult to book a spot. So, if you’re planning a visit, make sure to reserve well in advance!

When you visit a Pokémon store in Tokyo, you’re greeted by life-sized Pokémon statues, each creating a unique and immersive experience. Every store boasts its own distinct design and ambiance, adding to the fun and excitement. Whether it’s a grand Pikachu welcoming you or other beloved Pokémon characters, these stores make each visit a memorable adventure for fans of all ages.

Pikachu Sweets

And then there’s Pikachu Sweets by Pokémon Café, located at the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo in Ikebukuro. This charming spot offers a variety of Pokémon-themed sweets and beverages, perfect for a quick and delightful treat. It’s important to note that Pikachu Sweets is a take-out only place—you can’t eat or drink on the premises. From Pikachu-shaped waffles to refreshing Pokémon-themed drinks, it’s a must-visit for fans looking to enjoy a quick, adorable snack while exploring the Pokémon Center.

Pokemon center locations

Exploring Tokyo as a Pokémon fan is a real treat, thanks to the numerous Pokémon stores scattered around the city. Each store offers a unique experience and is well worth a visit. Here’s a list of the different Pokémon stores you should definitely check out:

  1. Pokémon Center Shibuya – Found within the Shibuya Parco shopping mall, this store features a sleek design and is perfect for fans who want to combine their shopping with a visit to the trendy Shibuya district.
  2. Pokémon Center Tokyo (Ikebukuro) – Situated in the Sunshine City complex in Ikebukuro, this store is one of the largest and has a wide range of items, including exclusive Ikebukuro-themed merchandise.
  3. Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo (Ikebukuro) – Also in Ikebukuro, this store is known for its Mega Evolution-themed items and often has special events and promotions.
  4. Pokémon Center DX (Nihonbashi) – Located in Nihonbashi, this store is known for its exclusive merchandise and larger-than-life Pokémon statues. It’s also home to the Pokémon Café.
  5. Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay (Chiba) – Located in the Lalaport Tokyo Bay shopping center, this store is a bit outside the city but offers a great selection of Pokémon goods.
  6. Pokémon Center Sky Tree Town (Oshiage) – Nestled in the Tokyo Sky Tree Town, this store provides a perfect combination of shopping and sightseeing, as you can also enjoy the view from Tokyo’s tallest structure.
  7. Pokémon Store Narita Airport – If you’re flying in or out of Tokyo, don’t miss the chance to visit this store at Narita Airport for some last-minute Pokémon shopping.
  1. In addition to the Pokémon stores in Tokyo, you can also visit Pokémon Centers in Osaka and Kyoto:
  2. Pokémon Center Osaka – Located in the Daimaru Umeda department store, this Pokémon Center offers a wide range of merchandise and often features exclusive items specific to the Osaka region.
  3. Pokémon Center Kyoto – Found in the Kyoto Avanti shopping mall, this store combines the charm of traditional Kyoto with the fun of Pokémon, offering unique Kyoto-themed merchandise and a welcoming atmosphere.

Each of these stores has its own charm and unique merchandise, making them all worth a visit for any Pokémon enthusiast.


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