Today was an exciting day as we embarked on our journey to Sanrio Puroland from Shinjuku Station early in the morning. The moment we stepped off the train, we were warmly greeted by Sanrio characters all around us.

Adorable displays adorned the station platform, the walls were covered in cheerful Sanrio photos, and even the ceiling was covered in Sanrio colors.

It was an enchanting sight that instantly filled us with joy and anticipation. We couldn’t resist capturing every magical moment with our cameras, snapping countless photos to cherish these memories forever.

After snapping over a hundred photos, we reluctantly tore ourselves away to make our way to the theme park, but the excitement didn’t wane. Every step along the path was an opportunity for more delightful snapshots. From charming storefronts adorned with Sanrio characters to whimsical decorations that transported us into a world of cuteness, we couldn’t resist capturing every detail. Each click of the camera was a testament to the joy and wonder that Sanrio Puroland brings to visitors.

Our adventure continued with every click, ensuring that every moment was preserved to share the magic of our day with everyone.

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When we finally arrived, I expected to encounter a long line, especially since it was during Golden Week—a time notoriously hyped by influencers warning against visiting Japan. However, contrary to expectations fueled by these influencers, there was no queue at all. We strolled straight inside, relieved and excited to begin our adventure in Sanrio Puroland without any delay. It was a reminder not to always believe the hype spread online, as our experience was smooth and enjoyable right from the start.

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Once inside, our day at Sanrio Puroland was filled with exploration and excitement. We visited different themed rooms and couldn’t resist taking hundreds of photos to capture every magical detail. For lunch, we savored a delicious char siu bun paired with a refreshing fantamellon drink—absolutely divine!

Sienna had a delightful moment posing with Hello Kitty in her charmingly pink room. Though the photo was overwhelmingly pink, Sienna adored it completely. Despite the tempting shows available, we decided to skip them due to my impatience and the language barrier, which would have left me feeling bored. As for the rides, the line for one was a daunting 1.5 hours long, so we opted out to maximize our time enjoying other attractions instead.


Sanrio Puroland offers several themed dining options, each with its own unique charm. Here are some of the popular restaurants you can find inside the park:

  1. Sanrio Rainbow World Restaurant: This is a buffet-style restaurant featuring a wide array of dishes, from salads and pastas to Japanese favorites, all with a cute Sanrio twist. The decor is vibrant, with rainbow-colored themes and plenty of character decorations.
  2. Character Food Court: Located near the entrance, this food court offers a variety of quick bites and snacks, each themed around different Sanrio characters. It’s a great place to grab something on the go while enjoying the whimsical surroundings.
  3. Cinnamoroll Dream Café: Dedicated to the beloved character Cinnamoroll, this café offers a selection of sweet treats and beverages. The decor is as dreamy and adorable as the character itself, making it a perfect spot for fans.
  4. Sweet Parlour: Specializing in desserts, Sweet Parlour is the place to go for character-themed cakes, pastries, and ice cream. The presentation is delightful, and the flavors are just as impressive.

These restaurants not only offer delicious food but also an immersive experience that enhances your visit to Sanrio Puroland.

Gift shops

Sanrio Puroland is a paradise for fans, and the gift shops scattered throughout the theme park are a testament to that. Each shop is a treasure trove of Sanrio merchandise, designed to delight every fanatic. Here are a few highlights:

  1. Sanrio Town: This expansive shop is a must-visit, offering an incredible range of Sanrio-themed items. From plush toys and stationery to apparel and accessories, you’ll find everything featuring your favorite characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Cinnamoroll.
  2. Character Market: Located near the entrance, this shop is perfect for picking up souvenirs as you enter or exit the park. It features an array of exclusive items, including limited-edition merchandise that you can only find at Sanrio Puroland.
  3. My Melody Shop: Dedicated to the adorable My Melody, this shop offers a variety of cute and stylish products. It’s a great place to find themed home decor, fashion items, and unique gifts.
  4. Hello Kitty Shop: As the name suggests, this shop focuses on all things Hello Kitty. From classic memorabilia to the latest trendy items, it’s a haven for Hello Kitty enthusiasts.
  5. Little Twin Stars Shop: Fans of Kiki and Lala will love this shop, which is filled with dreamy and magical merchandise. It’s perfect for finding charming gifts and keepsakes that capture the essence of these beloved characters.

These gift shops are designed to make every Sanrio fanatic’s heart race with excitement, offering a wide range of products to commemorate your visit to the magical world of Sanrio Puroland.


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